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3M Flat Fold Mask N95



The 3M Flat Fold Mask N95 ensures that any airborne particles from procedures such as electrocautery, laser surgery, and powered medical instruments do not infiltrate into you. It meets the CDC guidelines for M. Tuberculosis exposure control.

This mask is also N10SH approved N95, FDA cleared, >99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) by ASTM F2102, and provides the highest level of fluid resistance (ASTMF1802 at 160 mmHg).

Meaning, the mask effectively protects the wearer from bacteria via fluid or air and is highly resistant to splashes or splatters of blood and other infectious materials. This is especially important in operating theatres and emergency rooms, but not limited to them.

It is designed for comfort as well with soft nose foam and smooth inner materials. This mask is easy to breathe in and has a triple panel design that fits any face shape and size easily. 

The mask is created with an embossed top panel that prevents fogging on eyewear thus, clear vision throughout. It also sits securely on the wearer's face without moving up or down, making it more convenient and hygienic by excluding the need to adjust at all.


Type: Surgical Mask, Disposable Particulate Respirator

Disposable: Yes

Fluid Resistant: Yes; ASTMF1802 at 160 mmHg i.e. the highest level

Allergens: No Natural Rubber Latex Components; suitable for individuals with latex allergy

Quantity: 20pcs/pack; individually wrapped, folded flat


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