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Livingstone Disposable


Livingstone Foldable Cardboard Asthma Spacer, Disposable,

General Description: 

Unique dual valve MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost. This unique design allows to be reused by a patient over multiple doses - meets and often exceeds the performance of plastic holding chambers.

  • Economical - Less expensive than traditional plastic spacers
  • Portable and compact - Lightweight and foldable packaging to store in any bag, pocket or first aid kit
  • Dual-valve holding chamber - Used for effective administration of aerosol medication when managing asthma
  • Clear-view window - Monitors delivery of aerosol medication¬†
  • Pop-open-go assembly - Designed for convenience or immediate use in emergency attacks
  • Individually packed - Avoids cross contamination
  • Single patient use - Dispose when worn or damaged

THE BEST FLAT PACK SPACER IN AUSTRALIA - Tested by The University of Western Australia

Contents: 25 per Box

Box measurements: W = 14.5cm, H = 10.5cm, L = 14.5cm

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