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HeartStart FRx Defib

  • A training device that looks and behaves like the actual FRx defibrillator but does not actually deliver electric shocks. Used to train users on how to use the FRx defibrillator to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

    Features of the FRx Trainer

    The HeartStart FRx Trainer provides simulated shock delivery. It has no high-voltage capabilities, ensuring safety during training.

    The HeartStart FRx Trainer is designed for use with HeartStart Training Pads II and training manikins when equipped with the External Manikin Adapter M5089A provided with the Trainer. The FRx Trainer and Training Pads II can also be used with Laerdal training manikins, when equipped with an Internal Manikin Adapter M5088A.

    Reusable HeartStart Training Pads II are available in a kit (REF: 989803139271). The kit contains one set of Training Pads II in a reusable training pads case, an adult pads placement guide, Instructions for Use of the training pads, and an illustrated guide. Replacement training pads (REF: 989803139291) are available for use with the Training Pads II case.

    The HeartStart FRx Trainer and Training Pads II can also be used with an Infant/Child Pads Placement Guide and an Infant/Child Key, available separately, for training in peadiatric defibrillation.

    The HeartStart FRx Trainer has eight training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes. See Users Guide “Standard Training Scenarios” for scenario descriptions. These scenarios are compatible with training programs developed by nationally recognized responder programs.

    The HeartStart FRx Trainer is powered by four standard AA alkaline batteries (not included).


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