office first aid kits workplace first aid kits

When you think of danger in the workplace, what comes to mind? First, many people may think of risky jobs like construction or warehouse. Others will probably note medical jobs or trucking. While there’s no doubt these are all dangerous, there’s another place which may be riskier than you thought: the office.

Believe it or not, the office holds plenty of dangers for workers. And this goes far beyond wrist strain or other ergonomic problems.

While it’s true most places have workplace, warehouse or office first aid kits, are you aware of the risks you may face? Below, take a look at the four leading dangers which are present in the office. You’ll quickly see why you need to stay aware of these risks – even when you’re sitting at your desk.

1. Your Walk to and From Your Desk.

Walking in and out of an office is probably one of the most common things you do at work. Furthermore, it’s something you really don’t think about too much.

However, what if your walk held some hidden risks?

One of the more common accidents at work is falling due to a slip or a trip. This could happen for all sorts of reasons.

  • Bunched up or torn carpet.
  • A leak dripping or running on the floor.
  • Wires or cords running on the ground.
  • Falling after standing on a chair.

The best way to prevent these injuries is to remain aware. Due to the potential risk, always remember to stay alert. Never put yourself in harm’s way with something like standing on a chair or desk. Furthermore, remain especially aware of the slip risk in rainy weather.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly where your office first aid kits are located. This is helpful for both you and your coworkers. That way, you can offer help should someone else have a fall.

2. Burns in the Kitchen (or Anywhere Else).

office first aid kits workplace first aid kits

Most offices have a kitchen or common area. In addition, most come with a microwave, coffee pot, and other common use items. All of these appliances can get hot. Due to this, you never know when someone may accidentally burn themselves.

Furthermore, another common scenario is heading to your desk with a coffee shop latte. What happens when that latte spills? Most people probably don’t see all these potential burn risks. However, even something as simple as a morning cup of coffee could lead to a serious injury.

Always remain careful when handling hot foods or beverages. This holds especially true as you walk to and from your desk, due to the potential spill risk.

3. Cuts and Punctures.

Yes, those papers stacked up on your desk are annoying you every day. In addition, your pens, staples, and scissors are supplies you take for granted. Of course, all of these can cause an accidental cut or puncture.

Like the other examples, the best way to prevent these injuries is to maintain awareness as best as you can. Furthermore, you should know where your office first aid kits are at all times to quickly help in case of a cut or puncture.

4. Bumps, Collisions and Falling Objects.

Picture this all-too-common scenario. You’re walking from your desk into the supply closet. It’s all cluttered because of a recent shipment of supplies. You accidentally bump into a stack of paper. Due to this, a printer on top of the stack falls onto your foot.

Bumping into objects, running into things, or potential falling items pose a big danger to office workers. Furthermore, these are made even worse if you’re in a cluttered space.

To help lower this risk, keep your own workspace clean. You can also promote a tidy and organised workplace so everyone can work a little bit safer.

Get the First Aid Help You Need with MediBC.

office first aid kits workplace first aid kits

Even if you’re careful, it’s so easy to inadvertently injure yourself at the office. That’s why you need to make sure you’re aware of all the safety procedures at all times. In addition, you should know where your office first aid kits are located within your workspace.

No matter what you need, MediBC offers an extensive line of workplace, warehouse and office first aid kits. Do your best to remain aware of all the risk factors listed above. In addition, you can make sure your office or other workspace has all the safety supplies you need. As a result, you’ll keep yourself – and your coworkers – happier and safer.