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  1. First Aid Kit Essentials on Day Hikes

    First Aid Kit Essentials on Day Hikes
    Heading out to enjoy a nearby trail or some of the natural wonder Australia offers? No matter where you live, you’re always nearby a scenic vista to enjoy on a fun and exciting day trip. Day trips mark one of the easiest ways to get out, get active, and have fun. Preparing for your trek ahead of time means you’ll need to pack a variety of supplies. And your pack should always contain a well-stocked first aid kit. First aid kits give you a first line of defense in the face of an accident or potentially dangerous system. Having a fall, scratch, or other accident can sometimes happen while you’re out in the wild. This is bad enough already – but it’s even worse if you don’t have the proper first aid supplies. So, what should you bring along in your first aid kit to make sure you have all your bases covered? Have a look below at some essential supplies and tips to help you stay as safe as possible during your day trek. Continue reading

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