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Trafalgar Sports First


Ideal For Personal And Team Sports

Designed specifically to treat sporting injuries. Eliminates the need to carry a larger kit around sporting events

Trafalgar Sports First Aid Kit

Ideal For Personal And Team Sports

Keep this Trafalgar Sport's First Aid Kit handy when you at the sports field / sports game in order to keep your team, spectators and rivals safe.

Designed specifically to treat sporting injuries.

Lightweight and portable, this small first aid kit is comprehensive enough to treat most minor sports injuries such as bleeding, burns and fractures, eliminating the need to carry around a larger kit.


Dimensions: 200mm x 160mm x 75mm


Treatment: Bleeding, Burns, Eyewash, Fractures And CPR


  • 50 x Adhesive Strips 
  • 3 x Adhesive Tapes 2.5cm x 5m 
  • 10 x Alcohol Wipes 
  • 2 x Antiseptic Cream Sachets 
  • 2 x Bandage Conforming 7.5cm 
  • 10 x Cotton Buds 2 x CPR Shields 
  • 2 x Crepe Bandages 10cm 
  • 2 x Crepe Bandages 7.5cm 
  • 2 x Disposable Latex Gloves 
  • 1 x Eye Pad 
  • 1 x Fabric Dressing Strip 
  • 1 x First Aid Guide 
  • 4 x Gauze Swab 7.5cm 2pc 
  • 1 x Instant Ice Pack 
  • 1 x Island Dressing 
  • 4 x Non-Adherent Pad 
  • 1 x Rescue Blanket 
  • 10 x Safety Pins 
  • 2 x Saline Pods 
  • 2 x Splinter Probes 
  • 2 x Sunscreen Sachets
  • 1 x Scissors 
  • 1 x Triangular Bandage 
  • 1 x Tweezers 
  • 1 x Wound Dressing
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