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  1. Safety Advice & First-Aid Response All Teachers Must Know

    In 2003, researchers conducted a study to find out which period do accidents happen most often in schools. They concluded that out of 3274 school accidents, 36.6% occurs during breaks (recess time) and 33.2% occurs during physical education periods. A separate study found out that the common injuries as a result of accidents that happen during breaks were: articular disorders...
  2. Essential Tips to Improve School First Aid and Safety

    As a parent, you already know the worry you experience because of your children. You want to do everything you can to protect your kids. However, you can’t spend all waking moments with them. This is especially true when your child heads off to school. Schools will often have plans in place for safety and first aid. Because of this...
  3. Five Ways to Reinvent Your Home First Aid Kit 

    A first aid kit is an item every home should have. While stores feature pre-made kits, sometimes they don't include everything you need. As such, you should upgrade your home first aid kit for your household's specific needs. 1. Include various ointments From antibacterial to anti-fungal, ointments come in lots of types. When reinventing your home's first aid kit, consider...
  4. Sports First Aid Kits to Keep You Safe!

    Most of us think of a sports club as a place to have fun with the sport you love. These are some of the best places to meet lifelong friends and pursue your passion. Beyond these benefits, safety also remains an important issue. Everyone strives to create a sports club training routine that is both effective and safe. As a result, you need to recognise all the risks in training – and what to do in case of emergency. Continue reading
  5. The 4 Hidden Dangers of Office Work

    When you think of danger in the workplace, what comes to mind? First, many people may think of risky jobs like construction or warehouse. Others will probably note medical jobs or trucking. While there’s no doubt these are all dangerous, there’s another place which may be riskier than you thought: the office. Believe it or not, the office holds plenty...
  6. Your Home Family First Aid Kit Check-Up

    Your home is a safe haven for you and your family. It serves as your palace – a place where you can relax and feel secure. However, what happens if you or a loved one has an emergency at home? This is exactly where a home family first aid kit can help. When was the last time you performed a “check-up” on your own home’s first aid? Use our guide below to help answer many important questions. Most of all, let this check-up help you create an even safer place for your whole family. Continue reading
  7. First Aid Kit Essentials on Day Hikes

    First Aid Kit Essentials on Day Hikes
    Heading out to enjoy a nearby trail or some of the natural wonder Australia offers? No matter where you live, you’re always nearby a scenic vista to enjoy on a fun and exciting day trip. Day trips mark one of the easiest ways to get out, get active, and have fun. Preparing for your trek ahead of time means you’ll need to pack a variety of supplies. And your pack should always contain a well-stocked first aid kit. First aid kits give you a first line of defense in the face of an accident or potentially dangerous system. Having a fall, scratch, or other accident can sometimes happen while you’re out in the wild. This is bad enough already – but it’s even worse if you don’t have the proper first aid supplies. So, what should you bring along in your first aid kit to make sure you have all your bases covered? Have a look below at some essential supplies and tips to help you stay as safe as possible during your day trek. Continue reading

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