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Cohesive Bandages Blue

  • Great for the kitchen
  • Use as a strapping tape for sport
  • Reusable

Cohesive Bandage Blue

Maintains compression and is great for the workplace

  • Great for the kitchen
  • Use as a strapping tape for sport
  • Reusable


With extensive first aid knowledge, these bandages have been manufactured with the greatest attention to detail.

Cohesive bandage is a bright blue bandage that is eye-catching enough for industrial kitchens.

These bandages need no adhesive, clips or pins and will not stick to skin or hair.

With hand-tear technology embedded into the bandage, no additional cutting materials like scissors are needed.

This bandage is so lightweight, breathable and comfortable that it is ideal for your workplace.

These non-sterile bandages can act as a secondary dressing.


Cohesive bandages are unique in that they maintain the compression/tension that you choose.

Cohesive bandages with their tension retention can offer support for weak or injured joints e.g. sprained ankle, knee ligament injury

Unlike other strapping tapes, these cohesive bandages maintain their tension meaning that you do not have to make any adjustments when you apply

  • Applying the bandage with stretch gives extra tension
  • Applying the bandage without stretch provides light support
  • Extra layers can of bandage can provide more support


Dimensions: 2.5cm x 2.5.



 1 x roll

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